Emergencies and insurance go hand in hand. Are your data, applications, equipment and operations insured? Maybe you've insured your equipment and facilities, and you may have even purchased ;Business Interruption Insurance." Great. You may get some insurance money for downtime, lost business operations based on profits or a fixed cost. 

But will it really be enough to cover lost future business or your reputation for not delivering to customers?

Just as you would expect from an IT department, Dynamic Data Associates is prepared for a disaster and critical data recovery. We provide a level of coverage that meets your business needs, complete with drills. How do you know your data or more importantly your operations are safe unless you see it with your own eyes? We utilize multiple levels of technology as well as other technology solutions like local presence and delivery to assure you are up and operational quickly. Not all disasters are the same. Small file corruption issues can be resolved within minutes. Complete business infrastructure destruction can be recovered within hours at either: 1) a temporary physical location on temporary hardware or 2) we can host your complete business, equipment and applications in a secure virtual infrastructure accessible securely wherever you or your employees have internet access available. 

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In the business and technical world of change, let Dynamic Data Associates be your constant.  Dynamic Data Associates will be there, prepared and ready. Our proactive, all-inclusive partnership delivers the knowledge, the budget, the emergency preparedness, and much, much more, but most of all we bring the peace of mind every small business should have.

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